At Pendle Education Trust, we are committed to investing in our people through professional development opportunities. We provide appropriate, high-quality training and development opportunities for all staff and this applies equally to permanent, fixed term and temporary staff.

The Trust takes responsibility for organising and planning the training for legislative requirements in relation to Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity, and Health & Safety in all academies.

Each academy then runs its own programme of staff development activities personalised to the needs of their community and their key priorities. 


Our commitment to our staff development starts on the very first day. New staff joining our Trust family will receive a comprehensive induction programme supported by the member of staff’s line manager, an induction mentor and the PET Induction Document. Statutory training modules are embedded into this process.

Early Career Teachers

We are fully committed to supporting Early Career Teachers to begin the exciting journey as they start their careers as a new teacher. At Pendle Education Trust, we have partnered with Star Institute to deliver the Teach First materials providing a carefully structured induction programme together with highly skilled and supportive mentors and induction leads. 

Across our Trust we also have members of staff that are Lead Associates and Associates delivering on this programme. 

Professional Development

We provide a range of professional development opportunities for every role within the Trust to help each individual expand and fulfil their personal and professional potential. From online learning, external courses, collaborations to National Professional Leadership Qualifications. We develop opportunities that enable staff to learn new skills, grow knowledge and realise their ambitions. 


There are many opportunities for staff to develop through collaborative working across the Trust. Some of these include: subject networks, peer to peer coaching, opportunities to observe excellent practitioners from another setting, cross-phase working to support transition and learn from colleagues in different key stages.

The National College

We are proud to be a member of The National College. This membership allows every member of staff to personalise and tailor their own professional development activities to their role, interests and areas of development.

Career Progression

We want to support and encourage the career progression of our staff wherever possible, and all job opportunities across the Trust are advertised on our website to facilitate this. We will support staff who wish to move between our academies when suitable roles arise.