This is an exciting time to join Pendle Education Trust. We are developing and improving the academies within our family to ensure the highest standard of education for our children.

Aside from the exciting opportunity to change local children’s lives, joining our Trust will open up a number of additional opportunities to share best practice with our other Academies. We are keen to develop a strong group of staff who can contribute to the future success of the Trust. In doing so, we will offer future opportunities for career progression.

There are considerable opportunities for professional development including coaching and mentoring opportunities. We have strong links with our sponsor, Nelson and Colne College, to develop skills and potential in all trust staff.

Your terms and conditions of employment will be exactly as if you worked for a local authority. Pendle Education Trust implements National Teachers’ Pay Standards and the same annual leave; pension arrangements; sick pay entitlement, etc. apply. You really won’t notice any change at all to the contract of employment other than Pendle Education Trust will be your employer.